Ways to Meet Demands for Next Day Delivery

Companies are moving towards implementing measures for the next-day-delivery after a 40% increase in weekend delivery requests has been noticed during the last year. With this trend of fast shipping, customers are expecting more from the companies. And the attractive subscription schemes like Amazon Prime are making the competition even tougher.

According to a survey, on in every four shopper in UK subscribe for a delivery service. And as a result, those with subscription receive three product deliveries on average each month.

Now, while you may have acquired the services for faster delivery of products to your customers, you have a job to make sure that the product arrives safely at the customer’s doorstep. For this purpose, you will have to work on customized packaging design.

One of the most important aspects to focus is the warehouse layout. An effective layout can help you speed up the packaging line. In this scenario, you can take help from the warehouse accessories such as pick bins and shelving to organize the packaging operations and maximize floor space.

Now, you will have to make things easy for the packers. You will need to make sure that working area of packers is neat, organized and capable of giving the packers a quick access to all of the packaging items they are going to need to do the packaging work. The mechanism should allow your packers to do the referencing work in order to choose the items of right size and type for the packaging work. You can introduce a shadow board on which the packers will have to place the items to see the closest color square.

Another very effective way to meet the fast delivery needs is to bring packaging automation into the system. While you may not be able to replace entire manual mechanism with complete automation, you can bring in the partial automation. Sometimes, it may not be the best idea to bring complete automation. however, the automation to make things faster is surely an ideal approach if you want to be able to deal with the higher number of demands and your workers are more comfortable dealing with the automated systems to carry out bigger tasks in a required pace.

In the start, you can bring in auto-bagging and auto-boxing systems to speed up the packaging operations. Another major advantage of packaging automation is that you will be able to ensure safety of your products during the transit in better way.


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